Well, back in February I blogged about using the RSS feed of the ESV Daily Reading Bible, and the interesting graph they have on the ESV Bible Blog of how many people are using the feed.

I am about to unsubscribe from the feed! Why? Well, some time ago I ended up buying the (real, paper-based) ESV Daily Reading Bible from Amazon. Somehow paper just works better for me for this. But I kept the RSS subscription going so the ESV folks wouldn’t think I’d given up on the daily Bible readings.

But then I noticed they say that they read nearly every blog post they can find that mentions the ESV, so thought if they read this it’s probably safe to unsubscribe.

I notice that Amazon UK now has the Daily Reading Bible listed – at the time, I had to order from Amazon.com which took nearly two months. There’s some sort of complication with selling US editions of the ESV in the UK, something to do with Harper Collins having the publishing rights to the Anglicised version. There doesn’t seem to be an Anglicised ESV Daily Reading Bible, which is a shame as the format works really well (except in a very few cases where the little notes in the margins telling you what to read each day are in slightly the wrong places).

I do hope that the ESV Study Bible will be available in UK bookshops in due course.


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