WordPress 2.5

Fr. Gareth asks asks how people are finding the new and shiny WordPress 2.5. Basically I like it. I’ve managed to find everything I need so far. The new Media Library thingy and the the “Add media” buttons in the editor are a big plus. The visual editor feels rather more solid than before.

I duly upgraded The Parish of Elmdon. In fact, I decided to be very brave and used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin to do the needful. A few minutes later everything was shiny and new, and (so far as I have been able to tell so far…) working just fine.

For the record, the parish site is currently using the following plugins:

  • Add meta tags 1.6
  • Akismet 2.1.4
  • cformsII 8.02
  • FAlbum 0.7.1
  • FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.3
  • Flickr Manager 1.5.5
  • My own Forthcoming Events widget
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • iCal Events 1.12
  • WordPress Admin Bar 2.0.5
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.1

which is more than enough for one site.


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