Bishop Ryle on doctrine

John Richardson quotes J.C. Ryle on what loyalty to the Church of England means for the evangelical. Stirring stuff…

The victories of Christianity, wherever they have been won, have been won by distinct doctrinal theology, by telling men roundly of Christ’s vicarious death and sacrifice, by showing them Christ’s substitution on the cross and His precious blood, by teaching them justification by faith and bidding them believe on a crucified Saviour, by preaching ruin by sin, redemption by Christ, regeneration by the Spirit, by lifting up the brazen serpent, by telling men to look and live, to believe, repent and be converted…

Lord, help me to do this.


Another year is dawning

In my youth, at Lisburn Cathedral, we always seemed to sing Frances Havergal’s hymn “Another year is dawning” on the first Sunday of the new year. I picked it as the last hymn for Sunday 30th December – not quite in the new year, but it fitted in well with the theme of the service. Following the old Lisburn Cathedral tradition we sang it to the tune Knecht (better known as the tune for “O happy band of pilgrims“).

On Friday, one of the stalward members of Elmdon Church died, “full of years”. He had been at church the previous Sunday, as usual, as he had been for many years. The last verse of the last hymn that he sang in church was this:

Another year is dawning,
dear Master, let it be,
on earth, or else in heaven,
another year with thee.

Ephemeral railways

Back in the days when I lived in Aberystwyth I used to cross the course of the old Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway quite often – one of the world’s shorter-lived railways. And then there’s the wonderful tale of the very, very short-lived railway line to Magilligan Point.

But both are beaten by the Milholme Green Light Railway. Or whatever its name is – we didn’t actually get around to naming it, or having an official opening. But yesterday afternoon we dragged the stock of old Bonds’ O gauge track out of the loft, carried out some rather hasty repairs, and laid a line almost the length of the back lawn. The gradients were a bit on the steep side. The cant was, in places, somewhat in excess of what was strictly necessary. But we ran trains, and had much fun.

And then I took the track up and stored it in the shed, until next time.