Updated dictionary

I’ve just discovered that there is an updated edition of the fantastic Dictionary of Ulster Posh Speak by Billy Simpson and Doreen McBride. (In fact, there have been two updated editions – the most recent is A Dictionary of Local Posh Speak.)

Have duly added it to my Amazon wish list. A great-aunt of mine lived in Cherry Velley and spoke classical Ulster Posh Speak, hence the interest. (Her accent was a slightly curious thing to end up with, as she was born in Dublin of English parents, but never mind the technicalities.) My other Cherry Velley-dwelling relatives were migrants from England and never really picked up the lingo.

Does Amazon know something I don’t?

Amazon.co.uk is currently recommending that I buy the Bishop of Oxford’s new book “The Life and Work of a Priest“, based on my past purchases. Do they know something I don’t? As far as I was aware I’m a layman and not training or applying for ordained ministry…

Leading worship … with the Bishop present

Very odd leading worship last night at Deanery Synod. Now, it’s something I have done before; I was well prepared; I was even smartly dressed. (No robes but a nice shirt and tie.)

The thing that made it that bit different was that our visiting speaker, Bishop David, was sitting in the front row. (He delivered a first-rate talk, by the way.) Why should that make a difference? Surely our worship is something for us to bring to God, something between us alone? Any yet it did feel rather odd, especially as a layperson leading worship in the presence of so many deacons, presbyters and bishops.

Anyhow, we worshipped God together, and I guess that’s what matters.