Favourite songs (2): When I was lost

Next up, When I was lost you came and rescued me by Kate and Miles Simmonds. This is one of the few songs that invariably causes me to hit my iPod’s “No, I want to listen to that again!” button.

When I was lost you came and rescued me;
Reached down into the pit and lifted me.
O Lord, such love:
I was as far from you as I could be.
You know all the things I’ve ever done,
But Jesus’ blood has cancelled every one.
O Lord, such grace, to qualify me as your own.

There is a new song in my mouth,
There is a deep cry in my heart,
A hymn of praise to Almighty God – hallelujah!
And now I stand firm on this Rock,
My life is hidden now with Christ in God.
The old has gone and the new has come – hallelujah!
Your love has lifted me.


Kate & Miles Simmonds
Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music

It’s Psalm 40:1-3,5 but not, perhaps, in quite the musical style the Psalmist would have intended, and mixed with 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Colossians 3:3. It is very direct! Before knowing Christ, I was not merely “mistaken”; I was not simply full of unfulfilled potential. I was lost and in a pit and could not get myself out. This song pricks the bubble of my pride on that, and this is a good thing. And how can I respond to God’s initiative but by singing a new song that echos the deep cry of joy in my heart?

Notes on the song from Kate Simmonds.


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