Poor Lesley, and other news

Poor old Lesley is having problems with her teeth. Not very nice; at least another two visits to the dentist required.

No. 1 child has a short visit tomorrow to his new nursery class.

After a number of false starts, I seem to be getting somewhere with this sermon for Sunday.

Dear old MRFS has sent me a quite delightful and surprising item in the post, the nature of which I cannot reveal publicly. He is a decent chap.

Royal Mail attempted to deliver an item yesterday, while we were out, and indicated that we might be able to find it at the sorting office today. Alas, no.


4 thoughts on “Poor Lesley, and other news”

  1. Hmm. Hope No.1 child likes the item that the Royal Mail is hiding from you – if it’s what I think it is – and not sending you on a wild goose chase! Couple of train links on your blog that I think my colleague might be interested in.

  2. Since I needed to go to a post office this afternoon anyway I popped in to the delivery office. Lo and behold, they found the parcel.

    No. 1 child is delighted.

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