WordPress.com vs wordpress.org

It’s an interesting experience having two blogs running on related but slightly different software. Here we’re on WordPress MU, the less-tweakable, multi-user version. Over at The Parish of Elmdon we’re running the single-user but infinitely configurable version. The latter is admirable for that project – it’s wonderful being able to find natty plugins that do pretty much whatever you like, or to be able to write your own for the rare circumstances where there isn’t anything just so.

On the other hand this version, with less tweakability, I end up posting on rather more. That said, with September now officially underway things are starting to happen again at church so I need to extract the relevant stuff from the notice sheets.


One thought on “WordPress.com vs wordpress.org”

  1. at wp.org you definitely get more flexibility, but at wp.com you get some good google juice and also the community feeling fostered to blog and tag surfer, which i like. 🙂

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