Must start this sermon

I will be preaching next Sunday (9th September) at Valley Church Centre. Yes, I’m a bit ahead of myself, but I need to get organised now to stand a chance of getting the sermon prepared in time whilst still having time to do anything else next week.

The lectionary says:

(We’re on the “related” track this year.)


Concerning Chigley

Having had a dud Balamory DVD (scratched) from Solihull Central Library, No. 1 child was able to borrow another DVD free of charge. We pottered over to the DVD and video display in the children’s library. (Pottering is the normal form of perambulation when No. 2 child is out of the buggy.) No. 1 child very quickly and decisively went for Chigley. (Trumpton and Camberwick Green had been borrowed previously.) Well done that boy! Important to bring him up properly, you understand.

Altogether now…

Time flies by when I’m the driver of a train
And I ride on the footplate there and back again
Under bridges over bridges to our destination
Puffing through the countryside there’s so much to be seen.
Passengers waving as we steam through a station.
Stoke up fireman for the signal is at green…